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For accommodation businesses: One-stop service with training and acceptance

Hokkaido Tourism Personnel Support Cooperative (City of Sapporo, Hokkaido)

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  • Support in coming to Japan
  • Work environment development
  • Advancement/training

International Personnel Employment/Utilization

Partnering with overseas universities in Japanese language education

  • Attending a Japanese education course at an overseas university

This Cooperative, comprised of accommodation businesses from around Hokkaido, collaborates with Japanese language, tourism-related, and other departments of overseas universities in offering practical Japanese language courses. These courses teach Japanese useful in accommodation facilities for employment. We also hold at overseas locations employment information sessions and offer support with training and employment in Japan.
The director of the Cooperative is also known to conduct information sessions on behalf of accommodation businesses unable to travel overseas. By handling personnel recruitment, we contribute to alleviating the burden on Cooperative members and finding employment for international personnel.

Initiatives with an Eye Toward Advancement and Training

Support attentive to the wishes of both international individuals and accommodation businesses

  • A visit to a Taiwanese university

Our Cooperative accepts interns from overseas universities in cooperation with the Overseas Manpower Development Organization Foundation. We listen with consideration to the wishes of both the students and businesses in matching one with the other and offer assistance with the visa applications required to come to Japan.
The director of the Cooperative also makes periodic visits to the accommodation facility after an international staff member is hired for a good understanding of how their employment is working out. If a problem comes to light during the visit, it is shared with the Board of Directors and at the General Meeting (held twice a year), comprised of the director and accommodation business representatives, with rapid response by each facility.

The Results of Our Efforts and Views of the Future

A system seeing international personnel through acceptance to retention

In the past four years, we and our partnering general incorporated organizations' efforts have accepted approximately 1,000 international applicants for internships, leading to increased employment opportunities for former interns after they graduate school. Our periodic visits to employers during the internship and after being hired as well as communication with Cooperative staff let international personnel work comfortably, and these efforts also contribute to a reduction in the burden involved in accepting personnel by employers. We also quickly address any concerns about accepting international personnel by inviting representatives from accommodation facilities to join in on Cooperative-held functions. Through this, we additionally anticipate a high level of satisfaction among international personnel in regard to our accepting them.

Initiatives to expand points of contact with international personnel

A key in our success is how we have created a close connection with overseas universities and local accommodation businesses, and are able make matches suited to the desires of both parties. Moving forward, we plan to increase the number of locations offering Japanese language programs and apply to supervising organizations managing technical intern trainees in the accommodation field as a means to expand the wide range of international personnel candidates. We also plan to create even more points of contact with international personnel by further strengthening our connection to Japanese language schools in Japan.

Established 2018
Number of employees 11 member companies
[Of which are international personnel: Approximately 1,000 accepted for internships in the past four years]
(As of February 2019)
[Main nationalities]
Taiwanese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Kyrgyz
*Eligible for education and acceptance
Main business Acceptance of interns from overseas universities and international personnel training
Website http://hokkaido-jinzai.com/

Left photo: Representative Director Minoru Nakajima/中島 稔 (representative director of the Overseas Manpower Development Organization Foundation)
Right photo: Representative Promoter Kiyomasa Hamano/浜野 清正 (president and CEO of Manseikaku Hotels Co., Ltd.)