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Connecting with the community and striving for the acceptance and utilization of international personnel

Takinoyu Hotel Inc. (City of Tendo, Yamagata)

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International Personnel Employment/Utilization

Globalizing to handle increasing inbound business

  • International staff member (standing) energetically working with Japanese employee

We have been accepting interns from overseas universities since 2007 thanks to introductions from other businesses in the industry. To the present, we have accepted about 35 people almost every year. While globalizing together with the increase in inbound business, we began doing this as a management decision to handle the future shortage of human resources.
Currently, an international staff member from Korea, who was once an intern, heads our General Affairs Department. She also acts as a trusted advisor to the interns coming to Japan each year and to the younger Japanese staff. She has grown into an indispensable member of the team and is also in charge of coordinating the various tasks in accepting foreign personnel and creates the necessary documents.

Initiatives with an Eye Toward Advancement and Training

Contribution to improving the skills of younger Japanese staff

  • Younger Japanese staff working with an intern (to the right)

Interns who have been accepted work together with younger Japanese staff working here for about three to five years. As they work in various tasks, such as duties at the front desk, working in the restaurant, and interacting with guests around the hotel, they learn about Japanese culture and manners, and we work hard to have them return home as fans of Japan and the region in which we are located.
Younger Japanese staff take a guidance role, mindfully instructing international personnel, which leads to improvements in their own professional skills. They are also influenced by the fervor of the international personnel, and this leads to active communication among them, such as exchanges of opinions on how to give guidance, letting us anticipate a higher level of growth.

The Results of Our Efforts and Views of the Future

Proactively accepting international personnel in an aim to strengthen our future management base

Our currently retained international personnel and the acceptance of interns correlate with the strengthening of professional skills and active communication among our Japanese staff, and so we believe accepting international personnel has a relationship to the strengthening of our future management base. Moving forward, we plan to hire mainly Myanmarese personnel—about one a year with Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services status of residence and about two a year with the Specified Skilled Worker status—and hope to make an active approach to overseas universities and other institutions.

Acceptance and training of international personnel in the community

In 2017, seven Japanese inns in the Tendo Hot Spring area, including us, invested in and established Tendo Onsen DMC Inc., which creates community-based tourism packages among other products. In November of 2019, we enlisted the company as a Registered Support Organization in view of the demand in recent years for international personnel. As local Japanese inns come together in regions where there are low human resources, we will proactively push the acceptance of international Specified Skilled Workers and personnel with other such qualifications while also working to create an environment in which they can work comfortably.

Established 1958
Number of employees 107
[Of which are international personnel: 1]
(As of December 2019)
[Main nationalities]
*Myanmarese (1 Specified Skilled Worker as of fiscal 2020)
Main business Japanese inn management
Website https://www.ryokan-onsen.com/

President and CEO
Atsushi Yamaguchi/山口 敦史