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A founding spirit anyone can adopt and culturally-Japanese hospitality given in eloquent Japanese

Fujita Kanko Inc. (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo)

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International Personnel Employment/Utilization

Hiring and utilization in accommodation and cleaning fields as well as establishment of Japanese proficiency levels required in duties

  • International staff member serving diners at the halal Japanese restaurant Origami Asakusa

We began the employment of international individuals with regular positions featuring promotion prospects in our cleaning field around the 1990s and in our accommodation field from the early 2000s. In the beginning, when there was a shortage of manpower in the cleaning field and as the demands of inbound business grew, we entertained a variety of ideas before increasing the number of hirings not only of Japanese staff but those from abroad to meet the needs of our guests.

We view the cleaning field as an opportunity for staff to study Japanese as they work, and thus have not made proficiency a requirement in being hired there. However, as there is direct contact with guests in the accommodation field, proficiency in Japanese is a primary condition for being employed in such a position, and so we have established Japanese proficiency levels required for these duties.
In the cleaning field, we have international contract employees interpret for part-time employees of the same nationality and improve efficiency by managing employees of the same nationality by floor.

Initiatives with an Eye Toward Advancement and Training

Sharing our founding spirit's vision in multiple languages, offering career development equal to Japanese personnel, and holding carefully planned exchanges and support with the Diversity Forum and social gatherings by nationality

  • International staff member in action

In the aim of creating a common vision among our staff, we have compiled our "Employee Understanding", which describes Fujita Kanko Inc.'s corporate culture and founding spirit, and basic work-related matters into a manual, translated it into English and Chinese, and offer it without distinction to both international and Japanese personnel so they may carry on our founding spirit.
Similarly, we assign international personnel as full-time employees parallel to their Japanese counterparts with the hope of all employees serving guests in eloquent Japanese.

In regard to living support, we introduce hospitals where personnel can use their native language. And from a mental health perspective, we hold social gatherings for staff of the same nationality as well as the biyearly, company-wide Diversity Forum, where we give presentations on and share the allure of the various staff members' countries in forum style in an effort to continually deepen mutual understanding.

The Results of Our Efforts and Views of the Future

Truly fulfilling education and employment systems

We have set up a system deploying Human Resource Development Leader (HRDL) educational trainers so that international personnel can train other international personnel. In the future, we plan on further increasing the number of HRDLs in addition to putting training courses and content from multilingual texts to video.
On a different note, we would like to think more flexibly in regard to the needs of current personnel who must return home by placing them in positions, perhaps managerial, there. The current general manager of Hotel Gracery Seoul was originally hired as a part-time employee at Washington Hotel in the Kansai area. After becoming a contract employee, the hard worker decided to leave the hotel to work back home, and was then recruited to become Hotel Gracery Seoul's general manager. We wish to further promote the success of our personnel by flexibly working with their desires for career transitions and to return home as in this example.

Established 1955
Number of employees 1,700
[Of which are international personnel: 61]
(As of January 2020)
[Main nationalities]
280 (tourism business):
20% full-time employees, 45% contract employees, 35% part-time employees (holders of Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services status [70%], holders of permanent resident status [11%], international students [5.3%])
Chinese (24%), Nepalese (18%), Korean (17%), and Taiwanese (12%)
Main business Hotel, Japanese inn, and restaurant management
Website https://fujita-kanko.com/

Representative Director
Yoshihiro Ise/伊勢 宣弘